About Us

Credit Union Mortgage Association

Credit Union Mortgage is a full-service mortgage company 100% credit union owned and dedicated to serving the credit union community. Formed by credit unions in 1978 and exclusively serving the needs of credit unions and their members nationwide we provide fulfillment services on residential mortgage loans to credit unions of all sizes. From our headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia our seasoned staff of mortgage professionals provides best in class service to members of both large and small credit union partners for mortgage services such as origination, processing, underwriting, closing, servicing, and access to the secondary mortgage market. Providing outstanding service, competitive interest rates, and unique loan products to members and adding value to our shareholders and partner credit unions, Credit Union Mortgage is the preferred mortgage partner for more than ninety credit unions nationwide!


Credit Union & Member Benefits

Why do credit unions partner with Credit Union Mortgage? It's as simple as ABC!

  1. Partnership – In partnership, not in competition! Credit Union Mortgage is your credit union’s mortgage partner and our goal is provide the same level of service for a member’s mortgage needs that they have come to expect from the credit union on other products and services.
  3. Commitment – Our team of highly trained mortgage professionals is committed to providing the most competitive interest rates, a wide selection of loan products including portfolio products not offered by many other lenders, and a smooth and efficient mortgage experience.
  4. Stability – With over forty years of service Credit Union Mortgage remains financially healthy, has stable leadership, and continues to be the mortgage provider of choice for credit unions nationwide.